PSHE & Wellbeing

Following guidance from the PSHE Association, we use the Excelsior scheme of work to teach Personal Development in three modules over the year: Relationships, Health and well-being, Living in the wider world. We concentrate on each module for one term, providing eight lesson plans for each year group to teach during that time. We merge lessons to teach two/three year groups together or we deliver lessons separately to each year group (where appropriate).

The No Outsiders lessons (Andy Moffat) are embedded into the curriculum to support each module and taught throughout the year. The Relationships module also includes a CSE (Child Sexual exploitation) lesson plan in every year group and a Domestic Violence lesson plan in Year 3 and year 6. Sex and relationships lesson plans are taught in Y3 and Year 6 during the Living in the wider world module.

We have used the RSE Guidance for September 2020 (DfE 2019) and referenced the “By the end of primary school” objectives. Each plan supports one of the five areas of the guidance for primary schools: Families and people who care for me; Caring friendships; Respectful relationships; Online relationships; Being safe.

See our Relationships and Sex Education Policy