Mental Health

Mental Health and Well Being Principles

The mental wellbeing of the children, parents and staff at Shocklach is extremely important to us.

At our school, the children are taught how to recognise and manage emotions, how to build strong friendships and ways to build resilience when tackling problems. The pupils are taught about the importance of kindness and how understanding other people’s needs can support the mental wellbeing of others. Pupils are encouraged to speak to an adult if they have any worries about friendship issues, teasing or name calling, stress or anxieties or if they feel they are being bullied.

Promoting Well Being

We use lots of different ways to promote mental health and happiness in our school. Specific PHSE lessons are taught on a range of age-appropriate subjects. We actively encourage children to speak to staff members and will have 1:1 conversations with pupils and group discussions. The pupils are also encouraged to put notes in the Worry Boxes, share their feeling on Emotion Walls and speak to their peers through the School Council and Buddy system.

At our school, we have staff members who are trained in Mental Health First Aid. We also have various polices that promote well being, including: Anti-bullying, Behaviour, Equality Statement, Relationships and Sex Education with PSHE, Safeguarding and SEND. Our curriculum and the support we provide is strengthened by following the principals of Conscious Discipline, Our Ways of Working and the Rainbow Flag Award.


Bullying is not tolerated in any form, whether verbal, physical or online at Shocklach Oviatt C of E Primary School. If there is an accusation of bullying, the school will follow our Ant-Bullying policy and address the issue immediately and thoroughly.

Our pupils are taught how to recognise bulling of themselves and others, how to seek support and why it is not acceptable.

Pupils in need of additional support

We are aware of risk factors that may indicate a pupil needs additional support and knowing our children so well enables our staff to recognise changes in their behaviour and personality.  If a need is identified, children will work one to one and in a group work with trained school staff. Parents are contacted and support within school and at home is discussed. A referral to appropriate specialist support may also be undertaken.

Parent support

We believe the family of a child with mental health or wellbeing concerns also need to be supported. Parent Questionnaires and Parents Evenings are an opportunity for parent to voice any issues; however, parents are encouraged to make an appointment to speak to a member staff at any time if they need to raise any concerns that they have about their child.

Website Links

Below are some website links that may be of use if you have any concerns about your child or need additional support.

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nhs- every mind matters

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