Our Curriculum Intent for English

At Shocklach Oviatt CE Primary school, our aim is ensure that, every child is given a wealth of opportunities, which will enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills which are a prerequisite for them to become confident speakers, fluent and analytical readers and competent writers across a range of genres.

Through the careful selection of high quality texts, we aim to promote the development of our children’s spoken, and written language.

These texts are used as a vehicle for learning across the whole curriculum. Teachers use texts as a ‘hook’ or ‘stimulus’ in their English lessons and we use ‘Pathways to Write – the Literacy Company’ as the basis for our English planning.

Texts feature in many of our other curriculum subject lessons; therefore, it is imperative that we are developing our children with the skills to read and write, so that they are then able to transfer these to a range of subject disciplines.

Grammatical Skills

We want our children to secure the basics in spelling and grammar so that they are then well equipped to consider how to write for purpose and effect.

Children are taught the key aspects of spelling and grammar, fundamental to their age, in discrete focussed lessons, using Pathways to spell as well as through our Pathway English lessons.

Developing Vocabulary

By being immersed in a plethora of high quality texts and through direct vocabulary focuses within lessons, our children encounter a rich and varied vocabulary. We want all our children to consider, experiment with and to come to love words when speaking, reading and writing.

Purpose and Audience

We aim to deliver carefully planned writing lessons, which encourage our children to adapt their use of language and style, as they write across a range of genres, in different contexts, and for different purposes and audiences. They are given the opportunity to apply their skills across the curriculum and they are encouraged to use language effectively to create a desired effect on the reader.